Art Prints

Art Prints

We can reproduce your digital artwork on canvas or watercolour papers up to 1.2 metres wide.

Using our latest HP latex ink printer you will get much better colour reproduction than old waterbased ink technology as the latex ink sits on top of the paper instead of being soaked into it.

Art prints are done on archival acid free canvas or paper using latex inks and should last longer than yourself if kept out of harsh sunlight.

Hewlett Packard give their HP L25500 latex inks a 150 year life on paper – behind glass, indoor away from direct sunlight.

At present you can choose between a slightly textured watercolour paper – Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer 210gsm, a smooth matte white archival paper – Innova FibaPrint White Matte 285gsm or Fredrix digital canvas.

We can scan up to A3 size originals. For anything larger we can refer you to an experienced bureau.

We don’t frame prints or stretch canvas either however any framing store can help finish your print as you wish.

If you like the look of the watercolour painting pictured above please visit the website of artist Gabby Malpas – we can print any of her work on paper, canvas, wallpaper or adhesive vinyl. Contact her directly for pricing and to order.

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