Design Your Own Wall Coverings

Click on the link to design your own wallpaper project visually.

The application will allow you to replicate your wall space and show you what the finished wallpaper will look like.

You can provide your own art (if suitable quality), select from a wide range of stock imagery, or have a Gabby Malpas locally painted watercolour design.

Wait until you’re happy with the complete design before sending to us. You can save your work by clicking the ‘save’ icon at the top right hand side and come back to it when you get a chance. After you send it to us we’ll respond with a price and confirm the image quality is okay. The software even generates print ready art so careful with those measurements in case you decide to go ahead!

A couple of things to note. The Gabby Malpas wallpaper images are tiles so too small to fill a whole wall. Drag and drop one onto the wall then right click or click to show the adjustment menu and select ’tile’. Then use the ‘scale’ button to scale to your preferred size. You can also select the media for your job if you have a preference so we know which to quote.


Any questions – email Brian.


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