Flatbed UV Printing

Flatbed UV Printing

Our OcĂ© Arizona flatbed UV cured ink printer is “near photo quality” and allows printing directly onto almost any material up to 48mm thick and 1.5 x 2.5 metres in size which makes it perfect for all sorts of specialty applications.

Flatbed UV printers can print directly onto Corflute, foam PVC, aluminium composite panel, foamcore, glass, acrylic, MDF and unfinished timber.
With the ability to underprint with white ink we can now print onto dark and clear materials with amazing quality.

Because this process eliminates the use of PVC and laminates it’s a very eco friendly option.
If we print onto recyclable boards they can be simply cut up and put into your recycling bin when your display has been used.

Printing onto optically clear 3M window film with white ink gives us the ability to produce stunning signage which just wasn’t possible before.



We can also produce cost effective budget signs in quantity for marketing campaigns.
These 5mm thick corflute signs are popular – they slide easily into A frames for changeable specials..

A sample of day/night lightbox panel printing.
Usually the only way to print backlit faces without them looking washed out from the light is to increase
the ink which looks great when the light is on, but if the lights are turned off during the day – the print looks far too dark.
Now we can print on clear acrylic 2 layers of colour with white in between.
This means the print has normal density in the day and double at night. Hence the day/night tag.

Printing on our flatbed UV printer – colour, white, then colour on top – in one pass.

On the bench – image density looks normal.

When back lit it looks great too.

Here’s another idea – we’re doing some testing with a view to providing this service to art vendors.
Off the shelf pre stretched canvases. These can be bought quite cheaply these days.

On the flatbed…

Fantastic quality, colour & durability. Finished straight off the printer.


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