Vehicle Wraps & Advertising

Putting advertising on your vehicle makes a lot of sense.

Once your work car or van is professionally wrapped your advertising dollar is working for you 24 hours a day even while it is parked.

Compared to print, web or TV advertising the price per impression is minimal.

Not only does a wrap reinforce your brand but with an eye catching design you can reach many more potential customers with a special message.

The custom wrap film is easily removable once it's job has been done and protects your factory paint job in the meantime.

Rip Graphics can tailor a vehicle advertising solution to your budget with anything from a simple logo and phone number to a full cover wrap.


We use only premium vinyls designed for the purpose, perforated "one way" film for the rear and side windows so your wrap will look great for as long as practically possible.

Beware of companies using cheap wrap films. Besides the obvious problem of the vinyl creasing and peeling off, when it's time to remove it it can be a mammoth job to get it all off and may damage the paintwork. We only use quality wrap vinyls with a long term removable adhesive.

All wraps and vehicle signs are warranted for the length of the manufacturer's warranty.
This varies according to product and product but in southern Australia is usually 3 years on vertical surfaces and 1.5 years horizontal.
Laminated one way vision window film is 2 years.
Films must be properly maintained to receive this warranty.

Please note we are only doing advertising wraps - not colour change unless it's part of a business promotion wrap.

Mitsubishi Triton police van full wrap including roof, side and rear windows.

Colour change wrap on a VW Polo GTI using 3M 1080 series matte dark grey.

Choose from a wide selection of quality vehicle wrap films.

Carbon fibre, gloss or matte colours, metallics and specialty textures are available.

A quality wrap is not only due to using quality media. It's about knowledge, skill and technique.

Our installers are fully trained and experienced so you can have confidence in the ability of your vehicle wrap lasting as long as possible.


Rip Graphics vehicle wrap services.

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