HP PVC Free Wallpaper

This wallpaper is pre-pasted—requiring only water to activate the glue—and is designed for easy application and clean removal. HP PVC Wall Paper delivers a “Greener” solution that is better for the environment. As it is PVC free and works in conjunction with green inks, it provides odourless prints that are ready to apply straight away.

Does this product need to be laminated?

No. It’s designed to be applied unlaminated.

Is this product removable?

Yes it is designed to be removable by sponging the paper down with water which releases the glue. The remaining glue can then be wiped away with water.

Can I install this myself?

With a bit of care and preparation yes HP PVC Free Wallpaper can be installed by the untrained person. There are numerous videos showing how to install this product.

This service is primarily for people with print ready art. We keep pricing affordable by not spending time fixing artwork. Please email us with any art setup questions.

Please supply print quality PDF artwork

  • Files supplied at 100% or scale with percentage in file name.
  • If file needs to be scaled up please ensure it has correct proportions.
  • CMYK or RGB colour space with embedded profiles.
  • Resolution min 100, max 200dpi at full print size.

Rip Graphics Working Profile Spaces

  • ISO Coated V2 ECI
  • Adobe RGB 1998

Bleed Requirements

  • Posters and Decals: 10mm
  • Wall Decals: 50mm
  • Art Canvas: 70mm
  • Pullup Banners: 10mm top and sides. 50mm bottom. (Visual area 850x2030mm for Budget Pullups)

Knife/Profile Cutting Lines
Please use vector lines on separate Illustrator layer. Simplify overly complex (too many nodes) cut lines or additional charge may apply. Ensure cut paths have no fill, only a path and no duplicates.

Colour Matching
We have a colour managed system so most colours should reproduce close to expected. Please advise any critical Pantone colour matching requirements or supply a sample for matching. Colour matching and proofs will incur additional charges.

HP PVC Free Wallpaper

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